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10 Jul 2020    



Predictions by Mr M. Parameswaran
114-D, Shanmuga Rajapuram,
Selvapuram North,
Phone:  9003365305
Aries You may be given an opportunity to better some of your skill sets as educational opportunities are very likely today. Do not miss out on any chances you come across today to gain some new knowledge or improve your skills because whatever new abilities you acquire today are sure to open a door for you in the future.
Taurus You will be feeling spiritually inclined today and may be evaluating the role of religion in your life. You will feel inward-looking and this is a good time to reflect on your core beliefs. Pursue these interests as they will bring you joy and fulfilment inside.
Gemini Try to avoid all forms of discord on the home front today. There may generally be peace in your home but that peace may be a bit fragile if you let your temper get out of hand. Treat everyone with respect today and you will get the same in return. If you have a tendency to bring your work problems home with you, try to change this habit for the benefit of those in your home.
  Cancer Today you only want to socialize and party you have no time or concentration for work or other serious matters! Anything having to do with your responsibilities falls on deaf ears with you today. Use today to get this restlessness and frivolity out of your system so you can get back to business again tomorrow. Do make sure you do not do irreparable damage to your career due to trivial reasons.
Leo Patience and determination will mark everything you do today. This calm and determined attitude of yours will win everyone`s heart. More than anything else, this will make you a strong person, able to tackle any situation with maturity.
Virgo You are in a benevolent mood and want to help someone in need. Do a kind act for someone else. You will find that working against negative emotions within yourself will not only improve your relations with others but will in turn make you feel happier.
Libra Students, you will likely take a break today in order to rest you mind from all the intensive studying you have been putting in. Today is a good day to head out with your friends for a coffee or walk around the mall as it will do your mind and body some good. Afterwards, you will be sure to jump back into your studies for a pre-exam cram session.
Scorpio Some element of difficulty will test you today but you will come through with flying colours. You will truly come out a winner in any difficult situations you may encounter. You can feel ready to confront head on whatever situations life wants to throw at you now. It is your never-say-die spirit that has seen you through this tough time. Three cheers to you!
Sagittarius Enjoy yourself today. You have a great deal to be grateful for. Although you may have had a difficult phase, all is well and WILL be. Take pride in all that you have accomplished so far. Feel free to let go of the reins and sit back for a while. You have worked hard for a reason: to enjoy life. If you do not do it now, when are you going to do it? Take a time out and be with loved ones tonight.
Capricorn Harmony and tranquillity at home are highlighted today. This appears to be a significant period for your family and you will be able to solidify your bonds by spending time together. It is these times of normalcy that will sustain you emotionally and you need to make sure that your relationships become deeper and healthier over time. Use open and honest communication to build trust among you.
Pisces Today finds you feeling contented on many fronts and wanting to hit the town and socialize with friends. Time to take out your party wear, which has been hanging in the closet for too long, and enjoy yourself. Activities on the work front are proceeding smoothly and as of late your personal relationships have been harmonious.
Aquarius You may struggle with a bit of tension today either in the office or in the home. There are indications that those around you will be on edge, which will affect your mood. Just shrug it off, as it`s only a passing phase anyway. Keep focused on your own tasks and at least get few things done. Being productive will take your mind off any tensions which are floating around you. Everyone will sort out their own moods soon enough anyway and you will all be back to your normal routines again.


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